About Us

The Mission of the Milton Historical Society is to collect, preserve, interpret, and promote the unique history of the City of Milton through accurate biographical, architectural and historical information, markers, artifacts, photographs and videos.  It will make its resources available to the general public and researchers in a variety of ways including a Milton Historical Center located in downtown Crabapple.


The Milton Historical Society will encourage understanding of our community's past and will be a source for research and learning.  We will actively safeguard and share our history to enrich the lives of current and future generations.


The Society’s first project, funded by the City, was the preparation and installation of 28 historical markers throughout the city (see photos below).  The second project will be an interactive digital story map providing locations of these important sites supplemented with background information and photos.

(Photo provided by Brenda Mosteller Pinkerton Clapp)

Mosteller brothers of Crabapple in the early 1900s.

Historical Marker Project

Our Board of Directors

Bill Lusk, President

Bob Meyers, Vice President

Joan Borzilleri, Secretary

Karen Thurman, Treasurer

James Farris


Resident Historian

Kim Gauger

Kevin Spear

Jeff Dufresne

Mark Amick

Charlie Roberts

Connie Mashburn

Founding Members


They help fund the startup expenses of the Milton Historical Society.

Ron Wallace

Adam Orkin

Felton and Johnny Herbert

Kathy and Philip Beck

Pat Miller

Dawn and Keith Reed

Amy Christiansen

Warren and Jessica Cheely

Joe and Heather Killingsworth

Curtis Mills

Mary Ann and Clarke Otten

Wayne Boston

Milton Historical Society

12670 Crabapple Road, Suite 105

Milton, GA  30009



Jeff and Josephine Dufresne

Bill Lusk

Bob Meyers

Joan Borzilleri

Karen Thurman

Kim Gauger

Connie Mashburn

James Farris

Kevin Spear

Mark Amick